BruSafety’s team believes in active participated learning and development. Hence all our training programs are developed in this manner. Through these methods of training we strongly believe our candidates can develop a more confident, proactive, independent & charismatic personality which can improve their quality of work if they are employees or for new job seekers that are looking to be exposed to new possibilities in the Health Safety & Environment Management Field.


1. Safety Briefing
     – Corporate Workforce
     – Enterprise Businesses
     – Project Based Companies
2. Executive HSE Report
3. Job Safety Analysis
4. Emergency Planning & Procedure
5. Fire Risk Assessment
6. HSE Secondment

Our Trainers & Consultants

Our people are certified and accredited here in Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia & Singapore. Each training program is carefully designed by our trainers and consultants to:

1. Help candidates guide themselves through the learning process.
2. Emphasize discussion, active learning exercises and minimize lecturing.
3. Focus on leadership, team-work and decision making.
4. Provide active training materials- discussion, hands-on exercises and problem-solving scenarios.